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Definition Arts was founded with the intent to be a collective of artists of no specific genre that cover one criteria; that we like it. Too many talented artists fall outside the narrow constraints of major labels either through age or current trends. We believe good music transcends those restrictions and always has a market. We also wanted artists on the label to interact and be involved in each others recordings maintaining a shared creative environment akin to the West Coast labels of the late sixties, early seventies and Indies of the 1990’s.

We are a Production House as well as a label and seek to be involved from start to finish, developing tracks, recording and production, mixing, PR through to release of the record with fair and equitable deals. Franc Cinelli was the first signing to DA. We loved his songwriting and engaging vocals and were drawn in by Francs drive and commitment.

The album, "Goodtimes Goodtimes" fusing Dylanesque vocals with country hooks, strong melodies, gritty backdrops and electronica is out now on iTunes.

For more information on everything Franc Cinelli go here:

Fortune Teller Song - Franc Cinelli


Fortune Teller Song (Radio Edit) by Definition Arts